Membership Types

2020 New Memberships Offerings

Ridgemont offers 3 basic categories of membership: 
Full Golf - complete golf & club privileges 
Associate Golf - limited golf play by time 
Clubhouse - social, pool and dining privileges 

Important Membership Information:
  • There is no sales tax on dues; an 8% savings compared to other private clubs.
  • There are no initiation fees.
  • There is no multi-year joining commitment requirement.
  • There are no assessments nor bond requirements.
  • Memberships are 1 year, renewing on April 1st each year. 


Arnold Palmer:  This plan is specially designed for all new-to-join applicants. It includes full golf and all of our club privileges at a significantly discounted rate.  

Full golf membership is a Family membership that includes:

  • Unlimited golf play for the member and spouse/ significant other, and dependent children under 22.
  • Use of the clubhouse, fitness room, practice range/facility, swimming pool, all golf and social events, and 7-day advance tee time scheduling.


We offer value-priced plans providing free golf play during specific ‘Soft Times’ explained below. Associate golf memberships are either a Single person or Couple/Significant other, children are not included. Free play is only during these periods, per plan:


Twilight: golf play time 3pm to closing 7 days/week.

Sunrise: golf play time Monday-Friday before 10am. Weekends only after 4pm. 
Weekday: golf play time anytime Monday-Thursday. Friday before 10am or after 4pm. Weekend afternoons tee-off after 4pm.

Tee-Time: a specific same-day/tee-time Monday-Thursday, 12 play instances.

Ridgemont '2nd': soft time period play to any golf member of another RDGA private country club.

Junior: Teenage years, minimum age 13 years old up to age 21 associated with school teams. 

Drive & Dineincludes unlimited use of our golf practice/driving range facility and clubhouse dining only.

  • Leagues, competitive events and tournament participation is not available to Associate membership plans.
  • Associate golf plans do not include golf during our Prime times, weekends and holidays before mid-afternoon, and Friday mid-day.
  • Fitness room and swimming pool privilege is not included but can be added.


This category includes the following 'social' membership plans (golf is not included):  

Clubhouse: Includes 2 members, spouse or significant other, all social events, group clubs, fitness room and member access on website for reservations, club directory listing and newsletters.

Clubhouse + Pool: Includes above with additional privilege for Swimming Pool

Clubhouse PlusIncludes pool & golf practice range facility usage

Dining: Lifetime or Annual Food and Beverage service, includes meeting and private room reservations.


Business Partner: This plan was designed for entertaining business customers. This provides a member-for-a-day opportunity for key employees to enjoy the RCC atmosphere with golf and food and beverage in our clubhouse. 


Corporate:  This plan was designed for a small business where the primary member is a full golf member. All company employees added to corporate plan are entitled to a 20% discount to join. All dues must be paid by the company/primary member.