2022 Membership Types


  2022 Membership Information

Thank you for the interest in our Club. RCC offers 4 different Membership types. Below lists the privileges that are enabled by each plan within those types, and basic conditions of that are part of every membership.  

 Complete Golf and Club, all privileges, for family

Limited time Golf play at specific weekday times

 A variety of plan privileges other than golf play

     CORPORATE Plans
2 standard offerings, custom plans upon request

         Important RCC Information

      There is no sales tax on dues; an 8% savings to other private clubs.
      There are no initiation fees for joining any plan
     There is no multi-year joining commitment required
      There are no assessments nor bond requirements.
      Memberships are 1 year only, renewing on April 1st each year. 

      FULL GOLF 
 Arnold Palmer is the full golf plan for new-to-joins:
It provides ALL the benefits and privileges offered at a significantly discounted rate.  Unlimited golf play for member and spouse/ significant other, and dependent children under 22 is included.  Use of the clubhouse, fitness room 24/7, practice range/facility, Pool, all golf and social events, and 7-day advance tee time scheduling.

 Value-priced plans providing a variety of free golf play during different Soft-times, to meet convenient times for availability and usage. Participation in Leagues, competitive events and tournaments is not a privilege of Associate golf memberships except on/as a guest participant.  The Fitness room, Pool and meeting room usage is not included in Associate memberships.  Associate golf is Single person or Couple/Significant other, children are not included.  Again, league and tourney play etc. is a privilege for FULL GOLF only. 

 golf play time anytime Monday-Thursday. Friday before 10am or after 4pm. Weekend afternoons tee-off after 4pm.

 golf play time 3pm to closing 7 days/week

 golf play time Monday-Friday before 10am. Weekends only after 4pm

 a specific same-day/tee-time Monday-Thursday, 12 play instances.

      Ridgemont '2nd' 
Soft time play for any golf member of a private RDGA CC

 minimum age 13 years to 21 associated with school teams or experienced 

          CLUB PLANS
       often referred as 'social' memberships. 

Includes 2 members, spouse or significant other for all social events, group clubs, card playing, 24/7 Fitness room and member access on website for reservations, club directory listing and newsletters.

Lifetime or a 1 year Food and Beverage service, includes meeting and private room reservations.

The outdoor pool is open 7 days a week, from Memorial Day to Labor Day.  It is a family membership; couples w/dependent children under age 22 

         Drive n’ Dine
 This is unlimited usage by an individual to use the practice facility and enables charge privilege with credit card authorization on file.

There are two standard offerings below, and we will gladly consider any requests for custom corporate needs.

         Business Partner
 This plan was designed for entertaining business customers. This provides a member-for-a-day opportunity for key employees to enjoy the RCC atmosphere with golf and food and beverage in our clubhouse. 

  This plan was designed for a small business, owner; the primary member joins as, on an Arnold Palmer full golf plan.  All employees added to corporate plan are entitled to a 20% discount to join. All dues must be paid by the company/primary member.  

             Note for all plans:

              There is no requirement or obligation to remain a member beyond 1 year.  

            Full golf is a monthly dues plan; for 12 months.  Associate Golf and Club Social plans are quoted in annual terms and have specific pay amounts/dates.  

      Payment choices 

ACH –all transactions are posted to the member House account, and then payment will be made via automatic withdrawal for monthly statement obligation.

Check or cash – all transactions are posted to the member House account, and then payment must be received at the RCC office by 10th latest for satisfaction of that statement.  

Credit Card - Visa, MasterCard, AMEX or Discover.  Credit card transaction are subject to a 3.0 % administrative fee.   

Please complete the contact information below, including any concerns and questions, and click on the ‘submit’ box. 

 Jesse Cicione
Membership Director