Golf Information

Welcome, and thank you for your interest in Ridgemont CC as a new enjoyment center for the wonderful game of golf.  In recent years we have we changed the business model and direction of the club through new unique golf plans and values.

What makes us different from other clubs

There is no sales tax on dues; an 8% savings to other private clubs.

     There are no initiation fees for joining any plan

     There is no multi-year joining commitment required

     There are no assessments nor bond requirements.

     Memberships are 1 year only, renewing on April 1st each year. 

Credit cards are utilized for payment, in addition to traditional charge privilege

For all new-to-joins, we offer the traditional Full Golf Family membership, and also plans that have specific play times and days.  These various memberships are structured to better address all issues of time constraint.  Recreational time for golf can be met at a great value with the Associate golf plans.

Pace of Play
IN-TOUCH with the group ahead, is the requirement for all golfers. RCC has been rated for pace of play at 4 hours.  We take pride in keeping awareness for/of ready golf at all times. All golf play is governed by tee times, reserved on the internet and/or through the golf shop. Times are 10 minute intervals. Our golf shop will gladly train, help more deliberate players be aware of mutual respect for all members.

We encourage and expect a tasteful appearance by ALL Members and their families, Guests and their families, and staff entirely within the Country Club facilities.
The Golf dress standards are typical of almost all PRIVATE Country Clubs.  RCC requires traditional golf shirts, and tucked-in at all times.  ‘Cargo’ shorts are not acceptable anywhere on the course or practice area. 

Hats and visors can be worn while at the bar area but should be removed when seated for dining.

Denim (jeans):  ARE allowed in the GRILLE Room of the Clubhouse only.

They are NOT allowed in the Governors Room or Ballroom for dining or special event meals, tournament dinners.  Hats are frowned upon in the Clubhouse, Governors and Ballroom, but reluctantly acceptable in the Grille room.  Jackets and ties are not expected, but the Governors is one room where there is a higher expectation of member attire. Please keep in mind the range of generations in the club and with this diversity in age groups, we expect members, guests, and other patrons to use common sense. 

Denim (jeans) is acceptable wear in the locker areas and reluctantly acceptable on the outdoor patio.  Soiled, ripped, or sloppily worn jeans are absolutely not acceptable.   Exercise room gear, swimwear without cover-ups, or other clothing is acceptable only in the pool or locker room areas, only the lower level of the clubhouse.

All shirts should be collared, sleeved or sleeveless.  Tank tops and t-shirts are not acceptable anywhere on main floor of the clubhouse.  Shirts should be tucked in at all times for men, with exceptions for summertime Caribbean styles, or the latest “un-tuck” brand.  *Exception of special event attire on golf course for themed events such as Scotch tournaments.


Men & boys:  Shirts must be golf shirts, collared unless sold as a trending golf shirt.  Shirts MUST BE TUCKED IN AT ALL TIMES. 
Knee length golf shorts or golf pants are the only acceptable shorts and pants allowed on the golf course.

Shorts, known as Cargo shorts that have external patched/sewn on pockets are NOT acceptable as golf attire at Ridgemont. 
Gym or jogging shorts are also NOT acceptable on the golf course.  Hats, caps, and visors must have the bills facing forward.

Ladies and girls:  Golf skirts, slacks, crops or capris, shorts (no more than 6 inches above the knees) sleeved or sleeveless golf shirts with collars are acceptable. Sleeved or sleeveless turtlenecks or crew necks, sweaters and sweater vests are acceptable. 
Sleeveless shirts are not acceptable unless it is sold by the Golf Shop or other golf industry manufactured.  Halter tops and bare midriffs are NOT acceptable, nor is excessive cleavage acceptable.  Shorts and ‘skorts’ should be knee or mid-thigh length, minimum. 

League offerings
9 hole Men’s league- Wednesday afternoons, 2:30 pm-6:00 pm tee times.
Women’s 18 hole league- Wednesday mornings, tee around 9 am.
Women 9 hole- Tuesday afternoons, 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm tee time.
Couples Social- Non-competitive random Thursday afternoons during June-July-August

Mondays are often allocated for ‘outside’ outings. Private country clubs of the Rochester District Golf Association typically enable non-profit organization fund raisers, Charity sponsored events, on Monday afternoons, with shotgun start format. This serves the dual purpose of offsetting operational expenses, and meeting an obligation spirit of giving back to the community. These are interspersed through the golf season. We also honor member requests for small group outings on occasional Tuesdays or Thursdays, usually in the morning.

RCC is also industry affiliated with local and national golf associations such as the RDGA and USGA, the PGA of Western New York, and Junior Golf associations. All the private clubs are on annual revolving agenda to host tournaments and events by these organizations. These are a necessary obligation as a supporter of the game of golf, and our image amongst the private clubs of the area.

We provide a full golf calendar, truly offering plenty of opportunity for various agendas~

Leagues provide various skill levels, genders.
Tournaments 1,2, 3 day events: These would include individual club championships, member/member and member/guests, and season opening and closing events, as well as unique one-day competition.
Season long events  match play best ball single elimination
‘Sweeps’ on weekends typically, competing for individual gross and net results on a daily basis
‘Skin game is available at 10 AM most weekdays

Reciprocal Play
We participate in a reciprocity program with other western NYS Private country clubs, to accommodate travel and flexibility within the state and region. Recips are a privilege of FULL Golfers only; all play is no cost to the respective member. Requests for tee times at those clubs MUST be made by our Golf shop. We expect our members, and expect the same of all our reciprocal partners, to partake in food and beverage services of the host club, and to pay for riding carts always.  

The Golf Calendar on the member website provides an accurate schedule of events. These are a great way to meet other members and participate in a regularly scheduled game. The club has several different types of leagues including ones designed specifically for men, ladies, couples.

The Golf Center, ‘Pro Shop’ is staffed by PGA Class A Professional Jim Edmister, Jim Schoen, Danielle Fuss- Assistant Professional & complete bag staff.