History of RCC


The Ridgemont clubhouse and grounds date all the way back to 1840, when it was a new mansion to the James Upton family, surrounded by apple orchards supplying his grain and fruit business. As Ridge Road evolved into a commercial artery, a group of visionary real estate developers decided to establish a golf course in 1928, serving the managers and employees of the rapidly growing Eastman Kodak Company. 

By Decoration Day in 1929, nine holes were playable, followed by the second nine in 1930. The Upton estate apple trees gradually gave way to new plantings of evergreens; and Ridgemont began to take on the look of a classic parkland-style golf course. The next big advance in the development of the golf course came in 1955, with the establishment of a full-course watering system, and its required reservoir pond. Not only did it provide much-needed irrigation; it also provided the backdrop for the most picturesque hole on the golf course. 

Early 1961 saw the opening of a new dining room wing on the old mansion overlooking a new swimming pool. By the time of the "Ridgemont Roots" 50th anniversary party in 1978, Ridgemont Country Club had become a fully active golf and dining facility worthy of the pride exhibited by its members.


With all the modern improvements at Ridgemont, the flavor of the 1840's mansion is maintained and the charm of years past lingers. We continually work to improve and upgrade the facility to provide our members with the very best Ridgemont experience possible.  

In May of 2013, RCC’s Board of Governors voted to accept an offer for the sales of all the assets of the Country Club. A 25 year member, Jim Cucinelli, stepped forward with a proposal that would relieve all the certificate holding members of any, and all, debt. In addition, he made a commitment to many needed improvements and renovations, estimating an expense of over $ 1,000,000. As it has developed, over $ 2.150 million has been expended since his ownership began.  Since then, many more improvements have been made and excitement continues. The Ridgemont experience is unique for a country club. 

Our success is built around the foundation of enduring relationships and social camaraderie between friends and associates.