Dress Standards

Ridgemont Country Club follows a traditional private club dress code. 
Members are always welcome to bring guests and family. Members, guests & family are all required to follow our dress standards.



Not acceptable

Untucked golf shirts
‘Cargo’ shorts with external pockets.
Denim jeans and shorts
Non-collared shirts.
Sweat pants, sneakers, or attire purchased for use as workout gear
Tank tops, sleeveless shirts are not allowed anywhere green, grass.
Shoulders must be covered. Admittedly sleeveless vests are RCC & golf industry acceptable as outer/over wear, but first layer golf wear must have shoulders covered.

Sleeveless (golf style) shirts are acceptable provided it has a collar; ‘mock’ collars are acceptable.
Deep cut shirts with ample cleavage displayed, and anything construed as provocative by the majority is NOT acceptable.
Shorts and Skirts should go the knee or close to it.
Golf attire must be emphatically enforced, understood as default.


Same as member-gender standards. The member is absolutely responsible for the appearance and attire of their guests.  If a guest shows up not dressed properly, the golf shop clearly must enforce a NO-PLAY situation. In the event of such a situation, we encourage supporting the golf shops’ merchandise, and to accept this policy in a peaceful non-contentious manner.  We must protect all the fellow members who abide by the same standards.


This requires common sense and practical perception to enforce, especially on days of the junior programs etc. With child wear it is often hard to define, but it must note not be overlooked by the staff and parents/grandparents, regarding common sense to keep the bar at its highest level.