Detailed Descriptions of Membership Types

Descriptions, Definition, Privileges by Member Type
  • Full Golf Memberships
    • • All privileges that the club offers are included.
      • Members pay either monthly or one-pay yearly, annual.
      • There is a 7 day tee-time advance reservation policy.
      • All under 50 years of age, often referred to as Young Professionals, have lower dues. All those over 50 who join as full golf Arnold Palmers, after the 1 or 2 year intro price incentive, will be subject to a yearly dues increase of minimum of 10%. The concern for equality in full golf dues, referred to as the full dues basis, is the desired ultimate requirement.

      Unlimited free play times and prices for all golf plan memberships are set based on two different periods for play; busy weekends and Friday mid-days, compared to all the other available days and hours, less-occupied play. We refer to those two groups as PRIME-TIME and SOFT-TIME. Full golf plans include free golf play during prime-time.
  • Associate Golf Plans
    • Associate golf plans have a value and price that is commensurate with each plan. These are often referred to as LIMITED TIMES Golf plans; unlimited free Golf during specific and various times. They are only golf, in the sense that the pool and Fitness room is not included in any Associate plan.

      Golf play for Associate golf plans relate to the soft time, non-prime time period. There are three differing play time options:
      Soft-Time: Monday thru Thursday, anytime. Fridays tee off before 10 A.M, and after 4 P.M. Weekend afternoons tee off after 4 P.M.
      Twilight Golf play time: 3 P.M to dusk every day, seven days.
      Sunrise golf play time: Weekday mornings tee-off up until 10 A.M. Weekend late afternoons tee off after 4 P.M.
      • League entrance and/or Tournament registration is excluded, not included, with Soft-Time, Twilight, Sunrise plans. Occasional exceptions can or might occur for substitutions in a league, or as a guest participant for tourneys and events. Exceptions are not to be expected nor obliged by, nor for, Associate golfers.
      • Playing golf during prime time requires a surcharge, an added fee of $ 25 in 2018.
      • Soft-Time, Twilight or Sunrise golfers, if asked to substitute in a league which occurs during their free play time, are NOT subject to any greens fees.
      • Associate golf members, in prime time, cannot make their own tee time reservations. They can play be invited by any full golfer group already having a tee time, with golf shop confirmation.

      We also offer other unique Associate Golf plans:

      Ridgemont ‘2nd’: to qualify for this membership, the individual must be a member, full golf category or similar, at another RDGA CClub. They can play for free during soft-time. Play during prime time requires a $ 25 surcharge. Leagues: “2nd” members are allowed to only substitute in leagues during soft-time; at no added greens fees or surcharge. They cannot themselves join-register for league play. Tournaments: 2nd’s can register for tournaments on a suspense wait-list; accommodations for all full golf members must be confirmed before we can accept the tourney registration of a 2nd member. Pool and Fitness room is not included in this category.

      Educator: this is targeted to teachers and administrators from the public school system (only) for ‘summer time golf’. It provides free play privilege from May 15th to September 15th, and during prime time. Outside of that period, published greens fees will apply. Club Championship participation and the full season on-going match play events are excluded to this member type. However the Member-Guest Invitational and the Member-Member events during the July August time are enabled for registration, as well as any other special one or two day tournament, including sweeps contests, paying the published application fee. Outside of the May-Sept period the ‘educator’ cannot apply, register, as the participant for any event; however they may play as a guest; fees published will apply.

      The Pool and the Fitness room is included, during their same free golf play period. In other words, the Fitness room during the shoulder months, is not included in the Educator plan .

      Snowbird: for those in Rochester area only during the summer-time. Proof of legal residence out of state is not required. This membership intends to accommodate retired golfers in the area only in the 3-4 months of summer.
      Free play period for snowbirds is May 1 thru September 15th. League play and tournament registration is enabled with the Snowbirds.

      Tee-Time membership: this is a ONE YEAR ONLY plan, for a specific tee time, specific day. The privilege of this plan is free golf only at that time. There are no other privileges, other than dining year-round. This is a trial plan for 2018, created to attract those who, in playing the course weekly and experiencing the atmosphere, may become members subsequently. It is only offered once for the individuals.

      Junior: teenage years, minimum age 13 on April 1, up to age 21, to play and practice during soft-time only. Use of the practice facility and free play during soft time is included. Un-Accompanied golf is enabled; by both qualification on ability and etiquette instruction, and with permission required at all times from the golf shop. Tournament play is excluded. Exception may be possible with approval by the golf shop. Directory listing and newsletters are not included with membership. Parent dining privilege is enabled by request at the office; at no additional charge.
  • Clubhouse Plans
    • These include the Fitness Room, clubhouse activities, Dining and meeting room usage and services, Men/Ladies locker room usage, and complete Member website access. The website access provides all daily communications, newsletters, directories and calendars, all social events, and the website reservations system. This also includes an automatic life-time DINING (only) membership.

      We offer these combinations of clubhouse plans:
      • add-on the POOL
      • add-on a unique golf access privilege to use the practice facility, driving range, etc., and to also play golf UN-ACCOMPANIED on a pay-for-play basis.

      These plans only enable the privilege to dine and/or drink in the clubhouse, and use the smaller private rooms for functions without paying any non-member surcharge. Dining members do not have open credit privilege; a major credit card with authorization for usage must be kept on file at all times.

      Listing in the member directory is NOT included for dining members.

      Newsletters, and promotions for social events will be communicated. There may be occasion where attendance may be on a wait list basis for some events. Full or Associate golf and Clubhouse plan members may have primary privilege for some events, where seating and/or max participation may be restricted.
  • Corporate & Special Plans
    • GROUP SPECIAL Plans- If 3 or more golfers, new-to-RCC, join simultaneously, we will enable a discount for the first year of 10% from any Arnold Palmer or Associate golf plan. The intention is to provide price incentive to ‘buddies’, friends that may have years of playing regularly at various courses. To experience RCC’s golf course and environment, this is directed to a group.

      BARTER / TRADE Members-
      This group is made up of business entities who provide a service or products that are need by RCC. The value of their offering would be traded for dues for membership, golf cart rentals, guest passes, or event room surcharges. Food and Beverage, weddings, events etc. will not be bartered.

      At the present time we have a partnership with a specialized barter company called IMF and the Rochester Americans Hockey team.


      • Business Partner – this plan allows a firm to essentially be a social member. It also provides ability to bring guests to play golf in a special member-for-a-day situation. Up to 5 ‘captains’ can be identified to be hosts of the company. This specific category is to designate the dues and charges to be in the name of the company itself. The Business Partner plan enables the captains, which are listed as JB members, to charge and/or communicate with the club directly, and use their own charge cards or golf privilege separately.

      Business Partner Captain- see above.

      Greece Chamber Business Partner

      Corporate Golf Primary – When the company itself, directly pays for a membership, and a designated individual is the primary member, they would qualify for a corporate plan. The privileges of the primary member cannot be transferred to any secondary members. The Arnold Palmer plan is not available to the corporate plan new-to-join members, but the full golf membership dues rate is age dependent.