The Pool At Ridgemont

The 2018 RCC swimming program will begin on Saturday, May 26.  There will be limited dates that the pool will be open until schools commence summer recess.  These dates are, and times are, 11:30 to 6:30:  
* Memorial Day weekend Saturday to Monday, May 26-28
* Saturday & Sundays each weekend in June through the 24th  

Beginning on Tuesday June 26 through Labor Day weekend in September, the pool will be open 6 days a week Tuesday through Sunday from 11:30 AM to 7:00 PM.   The pool hours on Monday will be 2:00 - 7:00 PM. 

The website has the complete Pool Calendar which should be consulted regularly. The lounge furniture, locker rooms, and pool changing areas will be open for patron convenience.  In addition, the RCC food and beverages service will be available poolside at all times when the pool is in operation.  Carry-in food and beverages are prohibited.  

The pool temperature will be maintained between 80–84 degrees.  There are ample pool toys, flotation devices for all ages, and a wading pool for “tiny tots” with chemically treated water daily extracted from the main pool.    Weather considerations are an important factor in pool operations.  Safety of pool participants is always the determining factor which may affect “pool opening time,” “early closing time,” or “full day cancellation.”     

Please refer to the Pool Schedule besides the calendar to take note of several “special” pool activities which require a pre-registration.  These include:  

*Family Swim and Grill Sunday July 15th & 29th, August 12 & 26th; we have designated these 'Family days’.  Pending reservations, registration, there likely will be extended pool hours.  
*Brats & Beer Thursday July 12 & 26th, August 8th and 23rd are designated as fun days with food.  Pending reservations and registration the pool will likely have extended hours.  
*Lessons: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday–pending registration there will be extending pool hours.  

For further information refer to the Activity Schedule (under the Pool link).   Please call the office at 225-7650 or Pool Director Ben Gioseffi at 750-1036 for questions or concerns.