General information

In 2013, one of the members of Ridgemont came forward with a proposal to purchase the property and the business, with the specific goal to virtually reincarnate RCC. He and his family committed to sizeable investments, to provide a better value and positive atmosphere, while retaining the PRIVATE status of a golf based country club. Perhaps you are inquiring now about our club, because you’ve heard the great buzz created?
The new RCC is a unique business model of the traditional golf country club. We reduced the cost of a Golf membership. We added 'smaller' affordable golf plans, for play times targeted to busy families, 8-5 work routines, retirees, etc. Long term, multi-year commitments were waived. And the traditional private country club Initiation fees, an ominous cost hurdle to joining a club, was/were eliminated. Assessments that all member-owned cc’s face, and what the prior RCC membership had to deal with, was also eliminated, prevented, via a private ownership. RCC is solvent, with approximately 250 members, as we begin the 2017 golf season. Our jewel, the golf course, is a parkland setting, lush with trees. It is relatively flat, easily a walkable golf course, and has a reputation of being played in a quicker time than most 18 hole courses. We are conveniently located in the center of the town of Greece.

Member cross-section, particularly the newer-to-join, is spread amongst business people, aspiring families of young professionals, and avid golfers who have rewarded themselves with a membership that is truly worthwhile. The membership is warm and inviting, and the club is homey. RCC is a club free of cliques. And the negative vibes that develop in clubs with assessments, bonds and other extraordinary costs to worry about occurring and re-occurring. Memberships are now one year, the norm. This gives the opportunity to experience RCC without a significant nor long term expense. We can show new members that we are the real deal, and a prideful community.

The Grille Room is the central gathering spot, with a wide windowed expanse to the golf course setting. The pool is large and inviting, heated and well operated by experienced professionals. The fitness room is plenty adequate and convenient. The social calendar provides many offerings, and we also provide indoor state of the art golf simulators, with individual fitness available. This to satisfy the avid golfer during the winter months or inclement weather.

Acceptable attire at Ridgemont CC, the dress expectations, are casual but respectful of their fellow members. We allow Jean(s) wear in the Grille room and the locker room within the clubhouse. Business casual is the standard. A jacket/tie type atmosphere is an not any expectation nor obligation. Etiquette in both the clubhouse and on the golf course, and overall adult conduct is held in highest regard however, and all new members must agree to helping us keep that image. Adherence is necessary by all family members including all children/grandchildren, and guests.

Some of the other changes that have occurred since the new ownership in 2013 are:
* Sales tax on dues for membership was no longer necessary
* Major credit or debit cards are the norm for all dues and payment satisfaction.
* Multi-year commitments are not required, since there is no capital improvement obligations by members

There have considerable improvements to the golf course, the practice facility, and the clubhouse. We hosted this past years' local RDGA Championship because the great buzz, reputation and conditions we've delivered. And they will continue! In closing, thanks for your inquiry, and a chance to tell you a bit about the club. We really feel you will be impressed after investigation. Give us a try! A one-year membership is all that’s needed, to Experience Ridgemont !