Membership Types

  • 2019 NEW-TO-JOIN Memberships

  1. Ridgemont offers 3 basic categories of membership:
    Golf – complete golf & club privileges
    Associate Golf – limited times free golf play
    Clubhouse – social, pool and dining privileges

    Golf – New-to-join applicants for membership with all club privileges are referred as FULL GOLF Arnold Palmers. All club offerings, in addition to golf course play for the entire family, is part of our  full golf plan. At this time there are NO initiation fees, nor any assessment or bond obligations, nor any multi-year membership requirements.  RCC's plans are 1 year, with April 1st as the anniversary date.  All Arnold Palmer applicants receive a reduced, significantly discounted-priced dues plan, compared to the dues of current members.  Arnold Palmer memberships will have a yearly dues increase which is identified at time of joining.  

    Full golf membership includes: unlimited golf play at all times for both the member and spouse/ significant other, and all dependent children 21 and under. Unlimited use of the clubhouse and fitness room, practice range/facility, swimming pool, all golf and social calendar events, and 7 day advance tee time scheduling. The private member website access enables fellow member contact directory, newsletter communications, daily updates for all purchases, financial statement, upcoming events and on-line reservation system.

    Associate Golf– There are several other golf plans identified by available play times. Associate Golf plans have dues pricing which is significantly less than full golf plans, therefore. RCC’s golf play has two distinct periods. We refer to either Prime Time or specific non-prime Soft times. Full Golf plans have the privilege of Prime time play; which is during weekend mornings to early afternoon, and Friday afternoons.

    Associate golf plans do not enable free play during prime time. Thus, the dues price and value is reflected in the different costs. Play during prime time is enabled for Associate plans with an upcharge, based on each plan. The Practice range facility, website tee time scheduling, Website member access, Avid Indoor and dining privileges is included. League participation, competitive events and tournaments is excluded. Fitness room and swimming pool privilege is also not included with Associate Golf plans. Swimming pool usage is an available option. Tee-time on-line reservation is included, however website access is plan specific.

    There are 3 primary, basic Associate Golf plans:
    Twilight Golf play time: 3 P.M to dusk every day, seven days.
    Sunrise golf play time: Weekday mornings tee-off up until 10 A.M. Weekend late afternoons tee off after 4 P.M.
    Soft-Time: Monday thru Thursday, anytime. Fridays tee off before 10 A.M, and after 4 P.M. Weekend afternoons tee off after 4 P.M. 

    We also offer other unique Associate Golf plans:
    Ridgemont ‘2nd’: those who are golfing members at other RDGA CClubs.
    Educator: to qualified teachers and administrators, ‘summer time golf’
    Snowbird: for those in Rochester area only during the summer-time
    ior - 13 years of age associated with school teams. 
    Tee-Time: a specific tee time, specific day, privilege: a one-year experience RCC membership

    Clubhouse – this category includes all plans often referred to as a social membership, and includes several variations and options. In 2018 all new-to-join applicants for any clubhouse plans will receive discounts up to 25% from the 017 prices, for the initial year of membership. Please see details specifically for each plan as follows:
    Clubhouse – includes the Fitness room and complete website member access. All member social events, group clubs such as book, garden, card-playing, reservations and newsletters is included.
    Clubhouse above, with additional privilege for Swimming Pool
    • Clubhouse above with Golf privilege,
    pay-for-play basis
    Clubhouse plus – all of above; both Pool & Golf
    • Pool only
    • Dining Lifetime
    Drive & Dine -unlimited use of the practice/driving range facility

    Important points about Ridgemont CC:

    • There is NO sales tax on dues; an 8% savings to other PRIVATE clubs.
    • Currently there are NO initiation fees.
    • Currently there is NO multi-year joining commitment requirement.
    • There is no, nor can there be, any assessments nor bond requirements.
    • Memberships are 1 year, 12 months. April 1 is the annual renewal date.
    • Monthly dues plans require commitment to payment every month through and including March. Security for any new, full golf-monthly pay plan is required; either a fully refundable deposit or a major credit card with authorization.

    • Membership is 2 person and dependent children unless specified otherwise.
    • Associate Golf plans can be a single membership or 2 person
    • PRIME TIME Golf is Weekend mornings until 3 PM and Fridays 11 A.M till 3 P.M. SOFT-TIME is all other days, times specific to each plan.
    • The Membership Handbook and Financial must be read and agreed upon for all memberships.

    Tours, information, and orientation with any management is available by appointment. Please call the office during the business week 8-5 hours at 225-7650 ext 109, or cell phone 233-2500.

    Jim Cucinelli – Owner/Operator; cooch or ext 113@ 585-225-7650
    Andy Smith, Head Golf Professional – @ 607-857-6611
    Jessica Pittman – Office Mgr. 585-225-7650 ext. 102