Financial Information


Thank you for the interest in our club. As part of the process when applying to our club, it is necessary to completely make aware and communicate all the financial conditions and issues.The obligations associated with this information, to become a member, must be completely agreed upon. Acceptance of all these conditions is necessary as part of the process for complete agreement

Memberships are all one year. Some plans have a special incentive or promotion for a longer commitment but that is optional to the applicant. April 1 is the anniversary date for memberships. All plans begin on April 1st and end on March 31st. We accept new applications anytime however, and will provide a compromising fair value for all interim term new applications.

Obligation for all the dues and all other purchases and financial obligation within the membership time period, through March 31st, is absolutely required. The entire duration of the 12 month membership, until March 31st is the financial obligation.

All new members are given a member number, used for all transactions.  The internal bookkeeping system tracks all purchases, expenses, dues, etc. that is each members ‘house account’.  That account must be supported by an on file credit card, which is the routine normal method, or by an applicant request for open credit.

Satisfaction of all accounts is set up using Credit or Debit card; Visa, MasterCard, Discover or Amex acceptable. All purchases and charges will be transacted on RCC’s next business day. Card authorization must be active at all times.  Credit/Debit card data is absolutely secure.  Privileges of the membership, all, will be suspended immediately if the card on file becomes over limit, expired, denied, etc. 

Upon request we will accommodate open credit house account privilege as alternative to having a credit card on file. It does require a permanent security deposit during the entire open billing privilege, and a modest annual fee. In 2017 the security deposit is $ 250, and the annual fee is $ 50.  All statements would be available for viewing on a virtual up-to-day basis on each members’ personal private website. They are not mailed; for a modest $ 25 annual fee however, we will send by U.S. mail.  Payment method for any open billing, the House account privilege, is to be satisfied by check or cash, or ACH authorization for auto withdrawal from a local bank personal account. Full balance must be paid before 10th of following month to avoid interest charges. ACH will be transacted on both the 1st and 15th of every month

The ARNOLD PALMER full golf plan has monthly dues; also quoted in a yearly, annual dues-basis. Monthly dues are posted on the 1st of every month, for the upcoming, following month.  Pre-payment of all 12 months' dues for the FULL GOLF plan is eligible for discount of up to 10% the first year.   Pre-pay of a years dues to enable discount can use a Credit/Debit card the first year of membership

The full golf Arnold Palmer dues begin for age 20-somethings, with age groups up to 50 years of age, a max of $ 300 per month dues.  After a one or two year membership, we require those dues to increase by 10-15% annually until they reach parity with current members.  In 2016 golf dues were $ 450 per month.  A FULLY REFUNDABLE, no-questions-asked/no further obligation $ 1000 SECURITY DEPOSIT is required for all Arnold Palmer's.  It will be refunded immediately upon departure from the club, not renewing, etc.  

All memberships automatically renew, in the same membership plan from the preceding year, on April 1st.  Changing to a different membership plan can be implemented on April 1st.  Notification of any type of change must be provided before the end of March therefore.  There is no requirement to remain a member beyond 1 year, unless a multi- year incentive plan is agreed to and applicable.

Requests for early termination of any remaining time before March 31 for medical conditions, employment relocation, sudden tragic circumstance etc. to the primary member will be considered for compromise. It must be accompanied by written request. Loss of employment or other financial difficulties, in consideration that memberships are only maximum of 12 months, cannot be accepted for early dismissal

Members must agree to these issues and all specifics of the financial conditions in the application agreement.