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Its' a GREAT Day, everyday at Ridgemont Country Club !!

Welcome, and we thank you in advance for taking the time to learn about
the GEM of GREECE!   Ridgemont is a very pretty, lush, very-walkable
18 hole PRIVATE Golf-centered Country Club, conveniently located on the
west side of Rochester. It is home of a stately 160 year old Clubhouse that is
an ideal place to host your wedding, reception, banquet or special event.

NEW membership offerings - we are currently offering Specials that are
very attractively priced, and provide even more savings for convenient
golf-playing considerations.

After years of a staid conservative image, a long standing member,
Jim Cucinelli and his family, chose to purchase our club.  His vision was to
enable vast improvements, offer unique and affordable programs for
attracting youthful and energetic families, and restore financial security
to the entire operation.   A 2014 new-age PRIVATE Country Club should
mean a relaxed atmosphere, a casual dress code, a place to call home
without 'airs', and an opportunity to fulfill a lifestyle worthy of youthful
and energetic families and singles too.
We are convinced RCC provides all that anyone would find worthwhile.
A privately held PRIVATE club, Ridgemont, offers some distinct
advantages, such as:

No Initiation fees
No "forgiveness" criteria to initiation fees
No assessments
No sales tax on dues
The new era of Ridgemont also brings these features:

Vast course and Clubhouse improvements
Large Practice facility for all facets of the game, natural grass & bunkers
One year memberships
AN EXTENSIVE Social program, particularly family oriented.
A large heated pool
Dining memberships - a unique and inexpensive gifting plan

Please use the quick links on the left side to learn more about all
our offerings. 
A Golf club and setting is a distinct opportunity to reward yourself
and your family.  It is a fun and pleasurable lifestyle, and the very
sociable atmosphere at RCC is captivating.  Let us show you more.